Apr 23, 2009

Email of the Day (eotd) : Holy Sh*t!!!

The following email was sent to the local communal email list... and it definitely qualifies for "email of the day" commendations...

If you want to improve the quality of your house plant and garden, I have for sale 100% pure earthworm castings, the ultimate fertilizer, that I have developed on my earthworm farm. I also have earthworms for sale. It is a wonderful hobby and a great way to dispose of your organic garbage in an ecological manner. By raising earthworms you can make your own castings. It is easier than you think.

So contact me at the Eretz HaKodesh Earthworm Farm. And remember, Ain Lanu Eretz Acheret.

Contact me @ 050-xxx-xxxx


  1. The title of your post is a bit more vulgar than I would have expected from you.

  2. Do you know if the castings are mehadrin? And if not, can one who only eats mehadrin eat food which has been fertilized by such castings? If not, when will the protest be?

  3. See, in my world casting has a whole 'nother meaning. Raising the temperature of a solid so high it becomes a liquid, pouring it into a mold, than allowing it to solidify to room temperature again.

    Often, you pour into object instead of into a mold, and the type of casting is then called by that name. Ie, pour into water, get water casting. Into sand, sand casting.

    I had a really frightening vision of worm casting...


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