Oct 26, 2011

This Israel (video)

This Israel

This Isreal from Matthew Brown on Vimeo.

From the description of the video on Vimeo:
A road trip straight through Israel. Had no idea what the complexities and diversity of the cultures were, but I got deeper and deeper, seeing all walks of life living together in this amazing land. The conglomerate of things happening in that tiny, but EPIC country (it's smaller than New Jersey!) packed a punch like a bustling beehive. I was overwhelmed and totally let Israel envelope me. I bonded with every flavor of person there... they were all Israeli. They were all beautiful people. (By the way, the title isn't spelled wrong, lol...read it again ;)


  1. why did you change his title?

  2. I only just noticed that he spelled it Isreal. I wonder if thats a mistake or intentional. interesting


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