Oct 22, 2015

Ahmed Tibi removes [Minister] Elkin from Knesset podium (video)

from the best show in town..

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  1. "Have pity on me, a poor orphan" - after he murders his parents.

    Tibi just this month called Arab terrorists, victims. Tibi in the past has publicly praised Arab 'martyrdom'. He is always proud of his hutzpa and antipathy for the Jewish state; but now he wants to play victim. Oh, woe is me. None of you protested when Elkin said those mean things.

    The only crime here is Tibi sitting in that seat. Ahmed Tibi sitting at the head of the Knesset, even for only one session, is comparable to the head of the KKK chairing a meeting of the NAACP.

  2. ושפחה כי תירש גבירתה

    (related to this week's פרשה)

  3. How sickening to know that the literal enemy of the Jewish people is sitting at the head of its govt parliament and throwing out a Jew, all in the so-called Jewish state. Surreal and truly insane.


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