Oct 26, 2015

The day the Electric Company raped Israel

Yesterday, during the rain storm, large parts of Israel suffered from the plague of Darkness while Electric Company employees took their time repairing whatever needed to be repaired from the storms.

They are calling what happened yesterday to be the result of a "Work to Rule" Strike, aka "Italian Strike".

Basically this means they intentionally cause a slowdown in the systems by adhering to the strict letter of their contracts and not doing anything beyond that.
source: Wikipedia

I don't know what they are upset about, but strikes are always about money. Electric Co employees are among the best paid in the entire country, so I have little sympathy for them.

Large parts of the country were sitting in the dark for anywhere up to 12 hours of the day. True, a lot of that was daylight hours, but some were not, and even in the daylight I cannot do any work without electricity, and the food spoils as well.

What I would like to see is some sort of class action suit against the Electric Company. The Electric Co is basically a monopoly, yet comes a few minutes of wind and rain and the entire network of electricity collapses. People should sue for loss of work, for damages to appliances and equipment, for loss of money due to food that needs to be thrown out, for aggravation, and whatever else can be tacked on.

They can't just have their way with us, when they are meant to be providing a service that we pay very nicely for.

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  1. I understand there are still some places with no electricity...2 days later...

  2. Are you blaming Chevrat Chashmal or its employees?

  3. both, really. the company is made up of its employees. Te company is ultimately responsible, but its the employees who are making the trouble.
    in addition, the fact that the electricity has been out, or keeps dropping repeatedly, and has long periods of downtime, itself is bad. The electric company system cant handle a little bit of rain?


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