Oct 27, 2015

protest in Morocco against Haredim attacking Al Aqsa

There was a strange protest in Morocco yesterday..

Here is a short clip from the protest:

While it is described as protesting Israelis, dressed up as Haredi Jews, attacking Al Aqsa, it looks more like they have something against Abraham Lincoln. Or maybe just people who wear top hats in general.

Anyways, once again, anyone who thinks they are not safe because the Arabs don't care about Haredim and only oppose Zionists or Israelis, are clearly wrong. They oppose all Jews.

If the protest was against just "Israelis", these people would have been dressed up as IDF soldiers, or Israeli settlers (also relatively easily identifiable)... They dressed up as Haredi Jews. The one group that hardly ever actually does anything in opposition to the Muslims - they don't join the army that much, they hardly build settlements, they have a pretty decent working relationship (when necessary) in the Knesset with the Arab MKs.. yet the protests use them as the image. Because they hate Jews. It is about Jews, not Israelis.

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