Oct 21, 2015

Haredi soldiers in religious neighborhoods problematic

Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem Chaim Epstein attacked the security forces for considering the possibility (which they deny) of posting Haredi soldiers in religious neighborhoods when beefing up security.

I am not sure why the security forces felt the need to deny it, as if it would be justified to call such a step a provocative move. they should just have left it with no comment.

Back to the story...

Epstein claims that posting Haredi soldiers in religious neighborhoods would be problematic for several reasons:
1. Epstein calls it a provocation
2. it would cause protests and the army would have to send in additional troops to back up the originals.
3. according to VIN, Epstein also said that such soldiers pose a spiritual threat to the religious neighborhoods.

While violence to troops (as well as to anybody else) is not to be tolerated, according to Epstein it is at least to be expected and justified. So, if the IDF posts female soldiers, it is understandable there would be violence towards them. If the IDF posts religious soldiers it is understandable there would be violence towards them. The only soldiers postable are male secular soldiers. They pose no threat, spiritual or otherwise, to residents of religious neighborhoods. That is both funny and ridiculous.

sources: Mynet, Galatz, VIN

interestingly, when I searched for the article, after I heard what had been said, I came up with a series of results. The top result was an article on Radio Kol Hai's website. When clicking on the link, no article comes up because it had been removed. Conspiracy? Did they remove it because it makes the Haredi deputy mayor look bad?

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  1. Did you see this picture on Twitter:

    A child asks a soldier "Are you a חרד"ק (derogatory word for Charedi soldier)"
    Soldier replies "No, I'm not religious"
    The kid answers "Baruch Hashem"

  2. A friend was walking in RBS Bet and a bunch of kids were yelling "chardak" at him - those kids are so uneducated they don't know how to distinguish a different kind of kippa.

  3. It would be entirely justified for the IDF to take the same stance with Charedim that they have taken with Arabs. You threaten them, you get shot. End of story.


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