Oct 25, 2015

Cameras on Temple Mount

I am not sure what to think about Netanyahu's decisions regarding Har Habayit.

On the one hand, he is not really changing anything. He basically agreed to the same status quo that has been in effect until now.
The idea put forth by Jordan and agreed to by Netanyahu regarding the installation of cameras is also fine by me. I see nothing wrong with it, and at best the world will see how nasty the Muslims up there act. Of course that might all depend on who monitors the video cameras, and I have not yet seen any notice about that.

On the other hand, anything Netanyahu gives up is a reward for terror, and it encourages more in the future as they know it works and can get concessions out of Netanyahu like that.

The funny part of this is that according to the Jpost the Palestinians are upset about these cameras. Instead of being happy that they will be used to ensure Jews do not pray on Temple Mount, they are worried it will be used to monitor the Palestinians themselves who incite violence and act violently. It does not matter that the proposal for cameras was made by Jordan and not Israel.

And, shouldn't they not be violent? Especially if they have guarantees and ways to verify (via the cameras) that Israel isn't and will not be doing the things they say make them violent? shouldn't this be something they have no need to be concerned about?

And why are we so forgiving of them with their violence? All around the world, the Muslims basically have a free pass to get violent whenever they don't like something or claim something as an insult. Why doesn't the world stop accepting that and being sympathetic to them? Anytime they get violent they come up with a good excuse to justify it and suddenly everyone is all understanding and conciliatory...

Back to the cameras, I think they should be pumped out to a public feed, accessible live on the Internet in real time. Obviously this will also allow the authorities in Israel, Jordan, PA and anywhere else to also see and analyze everything in real-time. This is the only way we will know what is happening and that the cameras are not being used by one side in a one-sided way. And this will make it preventative, as everyone considering to do something against the rules will know that nothing will be covered up for him and he will be seen and recorded by everyone.

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  1. Hey, this was your idea!!

  2. yep!
    not sure it is going to happen. Palestinians are still upset about the possibility of cameras being installed. I am seeing differing reports about it


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