Oct 22, 2015

MK Shuli Moallem Refaeli calls on habayit Hayehudi to quit

Relatively new (renewed actually) MK Shuli Moallem Refaeli (Habayit Hayehudi) is calling on her party to leave the government coalition.

I happen to agree with her (for reasons I have not discussed here yet) that Habayit Hayehudi should do so.

MK Moallem Refaeli's reasoning is simple - there is no purpose in being members in a right-wing government that cannot, or does not, execute right-wing policy.
source: Srugim

The best part of this is that if they lsiten to her, if Habayit Hayehudi would make the move she wants and leave the government, Shuli Moallem Refaeli would lose her title of MK. If they would leave the government, Bennet would be giving up his position as minister, and would return to being a regular MK. Moallem Refaeli is MK only because Bennet allied the "Norwegian Law" and resigned from the Knesset to make room for Moallem Refaeli. If he loses the position of minister, he goes back to being MK and she loses her spot. And despite that, and she surely knows it, she is still calling for it.

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