Oct 19, 2015

Proposed Law: mixed gender parties

Those "parties" in the title are not referring to birthday parties or trance parties, but political parties.

According to a law proposal submitted by MK Kesyana Svetlova (Hamachane Hatzioni), any party that does not include both men and women in its list for Knesset will be banned from participating in the elections.

According to the proposal, submitting a party list for elections that does not include women directly harms 51% of Israelis, who are women, and negatively affects the Israeli democracy, significantly preventing Israel from becoming an enlightened country.
source: Srugim

I think it is fairly obvious that this law proposal won't go anywhere. Kesyova failed to get the support of more than 25% of the existing female MKs, she says because of their fear of upsetting the Haredi parties. Considering the proposal is from an opposition MK, with no-female parties as part of the ruling coalition, the chances of this law proposal advancing are less than minimal. It is strange, I think, that they would even waste their time with this. I guess they have nothing else to do.

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  1. And every party has to have 10% arabs, 5% charedim, and a picture of rav ovadia z''l or the lubavitcher rebbe z''l.

  2. And 3% gays, and 50% who voted for Rabin... It's a useless idea because there is no end to making a party "equitable"


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