Oct 15, 2015

Jewish victims get priority care with ZAKA

MDA director Eli Bean created a ruckus when he explained yesterday that when MDA medics arrive on a scene they will deal with the injured in order of whichever of the wounded is most seriously wounded and needs more immediate attention. Even if that is the terrorist, while the Jewish victims have to wait.

Many people were upset by Bean's statement.

In response, Yehuda Meshi Zahav, director of ZAKA, has said that it is clear ZAKA will deal first with Jewish victims. Meshi Zahav said ethics have a limit as well.

At first I thought this was funny, because ZAKA is an organization that deal with collection of human bodies and ensures they receive proper burial, with all possible parts of the body that they were able to retrieve. Some of the gruesome work ZAKA deals with is scraping bits of flesh out of trees, scraping it off pavement or off walls, and the like. Zaka says they'll deal with Jews first, but ZAKA is carting dead bodies off the scene - the non-Jewish-terrorist is not going to need to be carried off any more immediately than the Jewish victims, so it makes sense.

But the truth is that ZAKA assists in evacuating wounded after such attacks. Many people will appreciate that they will give more immediate care to victims than to the terrorist. It is not even a matter of Jewish or not-Jewish, but a matter of caring for the victims before caring for the terrorist. One does not need to be a judge and jury to suggest that the victims deserve more urgent care than the terrorist.

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1 comment:

  1. Common sense and, of course, Torah, dictate that the Jewish victims come first; there should not even be a live terrorist; they must be shot and killed on the spot, so no further evil can come from them. Where is common sense? This should not even be a subject for discussion and should be instinctual, at that. Afraid all this is warning from Heaven for the Jews to wake up and realize that they can only rely on our Father in Heaven and, in an instant, H' will take care of our enemies once and for all.


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