Oct 27, 2015

Public servants living above suspicion

Aryeh Deri is a perfect example, a current example, of why all public servants should be required to make a declaration of wealth once a year, or once  every couple of years, while serving in public office.

Aryeh Deri si a guy who has spent his entire life in either a yeshiva/kollel, public office and jail. He has never worked in a high profile, high paying job in the private sector.

Yet somehow, it has been discovered, Aryeh Deri is the proud owner of a new apartment building in Jerusalem worth 15,000,000nis (he sold it to his brother, but there seems to be some problem with that).

So, can someone explain to me how a person who never held a job in the private sector and only earned money in the public sector at the wages of a minister and MK, as good as those salaries are they aren't that good, can possibly afford to buy a building worth 15million nis?

And Aryeh Deri is not the only one. Many people who have spent their entire lives in the public sector have somehow been able to afford buying homes and vacations. I've said the same about Shimon Peres and about Ehud Olmert. And I am sure there are others.

People serving in public office should either live in a way that is clear of suspicion, or they should, preemptively via  declaration of wealth, show themselves to be above suspicion.

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  1. Then what would they do about the "extra (as in political donations)" benefits that keep them going?

  2. Cattle futures? Maybe he's a superb investor.


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