Oct 28, 2015

Paying for Praying

Is this a good deal or a bad one? You can earn 2000nis for a few minutes of work, while possibly causing a riot, or at least the excuse for a riot.

According to reports, a group called "Chozrim LeHar" is offering a deal, an incentive, for people to pray and Har Habayit, at the risk of getting themselves arrested.
sources: Srugim and 0404

It is unclear, to me at least, if the potential candidate will earn the monetary award solely by praying on Har Habayit or only if doing so also causes the candidate to get arrested.

I don't know if going up just to earn this money is appropriate - the laws of mora mikdash still apply and one should be going only for the "right" reasons - but if you are going up, and if you are praying openly enough to possibly get arrested, at least you should make sure to claim your money...

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