Jun 26, 2016

security cameras in the mikva

security cameras and mikvas appearing in the same sentence always worries me.

According to a report, the "Mishmeret Hatzniyut" (whoever they are) has decided to install cameras in mikvas around Jerusalem.

The reason for this is the concern for attacks on children in the mikvas.

Supposedly, the security cameras will only be view-able to 3 rabbis with tight security. If a complaint is filed, three rabbis appointed to this task will, together, watch the footage.

The camera system has already been installed in one mikva.
source: Kikar

1. if a complaint is filed, perhaps it is the police who should be given the videos to watch, rather than a group of rabbis. Why are the rabbis investigating?

2. I am not all that much more comfortable knowing three rabbis are scanning footage of a bunch of naked men and children than if it was one rabbi or some creepy mishmeret hatzniyut guy in his mom's basement.

3. who is this "mishmeret hatzniyus", and what kind of authority do they have to wire up mikvas with cameras? and who are they to appoint rabbis with the task of viewing the footage of the mikva cameras?

4. as I said above, "mikvas" and "cameras" are words that should never be spoken in the same sentence. Definitely not in reference to anybody other than the police, and even them....

5. Maybe kids should be kept out of the mikvas

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  1. Two words that do not fit together - cameras & mikvaot. Oxymoronic; not good.

  2. A better solution is to make the mikvah one big room and institute a halacha that unless there are more than 4 people in the room, the tevilah is invalid.


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