Feb 15, 2018

cut from the right cloth

Walla News starts off an oped today with a question. The author ask, is the Attorney General, Avihai Mandelblit, cut from the right cloth? does he have the courage to do what is necessary - i.e. order an indictment against Netanyahu?

I don't like such questions. Such questions presupposes a predetermined conclusion. The question presupposes that Netanyahu is definitely guilty and should be indicted, and if Mandelblit comes decides to not indict it is not because he felt there was not enough evidence or there is no case for whatever reason. Rather, the question presupposes, Mandelblit was afraid. He could not stand up and indict Netanyahu. He could not do what is right. He is a weak man.

The question does not give Mandelblit any room to decide for himself what the appropriate steps are and how to proceed. He is either a worthy Attorney General (by indicting) or he is not.

Sorry, but that is not how the justice system works. I do not know if Mandelblit is courageous or not. I do not know if Netanyahu is guilty or not. I do not know if Mandelblit will do what is right or not. I do know that we cannot assume a conclusion and then demand that Mandelblit act according to our conclusions, and any other decision makes him a chickensh*t, as Obama called Netanyahu.

I can see two courageous moves for Mandelblit.
1. If Mandelblit feels Netanyahu is guilty and should be indicted but comes under heavy pressure from Netanyahu's people, but he indicts anyway.
2. If Mandelblit feel Netanyahu is innocent or there is not enough evidence so he decides to not indict, depite the heavy pressure from the leftist protesters and from much of the media.

Mandeblit can be courageous. Mandelblit can be cut from the right cloth, but not necessarily by indicting Netanayahu. If Mandelblit has the strength to make the decision he feels to be correct, despite the heavy pressures against him from either side, he will have shown himself to be cut form the right cloth.

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