Feb 19, 2018

Palestinans accuse Israel of theft

Israel recently passed its version of the Taylor Force Act when it passed the Bill To Offset Terrorist Salaries. The bill says that Israel will offset any monies for salaries paid by the PA to terrorists and their families from tax revenues they are meant to pass on to the Palestinian Authority.

Funnily enough, the PA has condemnded this new bill with a statement  calling this piracy and theft and another crime against the Palestinian people.
source: INN

That's right. They take the moral high ground and demand that the money earmarked for terrorists be passed along with all the other money! How dare Israel deprive the poor terrorists of their hard-earned money!

The next step will probably be to decide to use other PA monies for the terrorists and take these payments out of other budgets, such as hospitals, schools and playgrounds for children. They will then blame Israel for depriving the children of Palestine of schools and playgrounds and the Palestinian people of their health care.

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