Feb 26, 2018

The Ten Plagues in Lebanon

is Lebanon experiencing the beginning of the Ten Plagues?

This is a river in Lebanon that just went blood red, for no known reason:

This is the Bardawni River in Lebanon that went blood red.

I don't know why they would be deserving of plagues, such as the water of the river turning to blood, besides for the regular reasons (i.e. tzniyus, hating Israel, smartphones, etc) and which people they perhaps need to let go. Maybe it is simply some sort of red dye that got dumped in the river by a factory, as they suspect.. If they do the research and see that it is not just a spilled red dye, they better start worrying...

source: TOI

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1 comment:

  1. Nice Rafi - Even managed to interject your own asinine ant-Chareidi crap into a post about Lebanon. Even for you this is a new low


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