Feb 19, 2018

Headline of the Day

Bibi’s downfall: Is the most dangerous man in the Middle East done for?

  -- Salon.com

let's even ignore the drivel in the article itself and just stick to the headline... Bibi is the most dangerous man in the Middle East? Not Bashar Assad, presiding over a civil war in which hundreds of thousands of his citizens have been killed? Not Bashar Assad who has used chemical weapons against his people? not the president of Iran who threatens countries to be wiped off the map? Not any leader of Hamas that invests its money in weapons and tunnels rather than its improving the quality of life for Gazans? Not Hassan Nasrallah, a proxy for Iran, and one threatening to start a war on Israel's northern border?

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  1. Isn't Salon one of those radical leftist publication? So, what do you expect. They hate Israel, Jews, etc., etc.

    1. I dont know but as left as wing as anybody might be this is still ridiculous

  2. Unfortunately, this is typical of the trend the Democratic Party is going. Time for all thinking Jews still on board with the Democrats to abort ship.

  3. I think this has to be in the running for headline of the year. Amazing.


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