Feb 12, 2018

the magical apartment

Want to have a baby? If yes, then you need to be living in Bnei Braq. Actually, in a specific apartment in Bnei Braq.

According to an advertisement placed in the Bnei Braq ad-book "Merkaz HaInyanim" somebody is offering his apartment for rent with the qualification that living in this apartment is a segulah for having a baby.

The magical apartment is located on Rav Shach St.

Behadrei spoke to the owner and the story is that a number of tenants living there all had babies while living there, even people who had been childless until they moved into this apartment. The owner seems to not be sure how his apartment became a segulah, but he suggests that perhaps it is because of a specific woman, a tzadekes, who lived there at some point.

The biggest question might be how much higher rent one has to pay because of the segula..

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1 comment:

  1. Maybe the apartment is served by a particularly healthy milkman....


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