Feb 18, 2018

Supreme Court orders further action against Bet Shemesh "tzniyus" signs

The last update on the "tzniyus" signs in Bet Shemesh had the courts telling the mayor of Bet Shemesh, Moshe Abutbol, that he had to actively take down the signs and if he would not he would be fined and even arrested.

The courts have now revisited the issue and have made further demands of Abutbol. The latest demands have him installing 7 cameras in the specific area of the signs. The cameras must be installed within a month. The city must also continue removing all the relevant signs and stickers and the graffiti all over the area.. And, the city must begin legal proceedings against all residents that are involved in hanging the signs.
sources: Kikar and Ch10

The public has been requesting cameras for a long time. Abutbol has been promising cameras for a long time. The city was given a budget for the installation of cameras a long time ago (as part of the national "city without violence" project), yet the city has failed to install cameras in this specific area (other area sin Bet Shemesh have been covered with security cameras). It is almost as if Abutbol wants to protect these residents from any legal repercussions. Financial and legal  implications have been demanded by residents as well against the relevant people, rather than just removing signs that will immediately be reinstalled.

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