Feb 14, 2018

Netanyahu scandal shows the need for term limits in Israel

By the way, all this going on now, with the recommendations for indictment of Netanyahu for fraud and bribery, the not resigning, the calls for him to resign, the investigations, the support, the calls for Alshich to resign, the accusations that Alshich has it in for Netanyahu, the accusations of Alshich being a dictator, etc...

All that is why I think we need term limits for the PM position (and maybe for others) in Israel. When a leader is in office too long, he thinks the office belongs to him and he can get away with anything and that everybody else has to answer to him.

I have no idea if Netanyahu did or did not do what the police are saying he did. It is not my job to come to any conclusions on this. I'll let the justice system work its magic and come to its conclusions.

Do I think Netanyahu should resign? I think Netanyahu should not be PM because I think Israel needs term limits. As great as a prime minister as he might be, I think it is unhealthy for a democracy to have the same leaders in power for too long. Netanyahu should resign, regardless of the current scandal.

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  1. What it really shows is how much the leftists want him out. Also, when do police have more clout than a leader? What a system!

    1. If "leaders" can ignore police investigations, what differentiates them from autocrats? Or are you a right-wing zealot who sees justice as a leftist plot?

  2. Not only in Israel, but also in the USA. If politicians knew they were only going to be there for a limited time, they would concentrate more on what they should do than on being reelected.

  3. There already is term limits - it's called elections.

  4. Nice try, Avinoam. Those term limits don't work.

    I don't think it's unreasonable to limit a prime minister to three terms or a certain number of years. Getting back to the United States, I am beginning to think a single six-year term is enough for the president. I would be generous with Congress (the 12-year limits would be reasonable) on the basis that the Founders never intended for someone to make politics their permanent career. If everyone knew the ground rules (there are term limits), they would adjust.

  5. elections are not the same thing as term limits. President Obama was not allowed to run for a third term because of term limits. why not just let the American people decide in elections if they wanted him back as president or not? same for Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Theodore Roosevelt, and a number of others.


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