Feb 22, 2018

new coins minted honoring Trump

This is getting ridiculous, and it actually made me laugh...

According to INN, Temple Organizations", whatever that means, have minted a new half shekel coin, consisting of 9.5 grams of silver. On one side of the coin is a picture of the temle and the words half shekel. On the other side of the coin is the face of Donald Trump alongside that of Cyrus, King of Persia that facilitated the rebuilding of the Temple, with the inscription "Cyrus - Balfour - Trump - Declaration 2018". I don't know why they did not also include the image of Lord Balfour on the coin.

The design of the new coin is in gratitude for Trump's declaration of support for Israel and for his recognition of Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem.

They add that it is also a warning, or reminder, to Trump what might happen if his approach changes, as Cyrus fell after 3 years because he gave in to pressure and halted the rebuilding of the Temple, and Britain went back on the Balfour Declaration and eventually lost its status as superpower.

I wonder if the coin will be usable for buying train tickets at the soon to be constructed Trump Train Station in Jerusalem's Old City.

We are living in historic, and funny, times.

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