Feb 18, 2018

ISIS looking for sheitel-bedeck women to slaughter

עלון צניעות (באדיבות המצלם)According to some tzniyus pamphlet distributed in Bnei Braq and other Haredi areas (surely it will be coming to Bet Shemesh soon, if it hasn't already) that has taken the fight against wigs to another, yet more extreme level.

according to Kikar, the pamphlet describes how 37 avreichim in Kiryat Sefer all had the same dream on the same night in which they all saw Rachel Imeinu showing them that in the upcoming war all women wearing sheitels will be slaughtered. Tens more people around the country had this dream as well.

Further, the pamphlet says, in the past year the chief commander of ISIS instructed his soldiers how to differentiate between Jewish women and Muslim women, so as to be able to avoid killing Muslim women, to check the hair and if it is a wig she must be a Jewish woman and be slaughtered.


Besides for the extremist crazies cozying up with ISIS, I am not sure what they are trying to prove - that ISIS says the way to identify a Jewish woman is by her wig? That would mean that Jewish women wear wigs and it is normal! Just because ISIS identifies Jews like that and does not like it, means Jewish women should not wear wigs? Maybe Jewish women in ISIS-controlled territories should not wear wigs out of the danger to their lives presented by ISIS, but I do not see why the fact that ISIS wants to slaughter women with wigs should have any effect on what Jewish women wear.

Also, ISIS does not want to slaughter Muslims? Besides for the fact that ISIS has been almost completely defeated and wiped out, more than 99.9% of the people they have slaughtered have been Muslims, so I highly doubt this little factoid published by the tzniyus crazies has even a kernel of truth to it.

The police should open an investigation, if they have any investigators available among all the investigations into Netanyahu's affairs, into finding and arresting whoever published this drivel and the implicit threat to the Jewish sheitel-wearing women 

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  1. In these people's minds (if you can call those things minds), women are broodmares, not humans. They are kitchen drudges, not humans. They are nannies, not humans. You can pretty much assume the publishers of this pamphlet are sex-crazed molesters of someone or another. Because the louder you proclaim your purity, the less pure you are.

    1. Avi,

      Take your meds please. You are a very sad and sick person.


  2. OMG...I had the same dream...i am so freaked out right now

  3. So all the secular and most of the dati leumi women survive?


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