Feb 13, 2018

international price signage on toothpaste

The Minister of Economy and Industry, Eli Cohen, has signed an order that will require the major supermarket chains to post signs on certain products informing customers of the price along with the price for the same item overseas. This will, for now, apply to 7 specific toiletry products imported by the 3 large importers - Unilever, Schestowitz and Diplomat.

The initial list of 7 products was decided upon by them being found as the products with the greatest discrepancy in price. Eventually this will be expanded to include more products. The initial seven include three different Colgate toothpastes and some deodorant products.

For more details, see the Globes article.

This seems pointless, and even silly. There are so many other places these products are sold - how many locations and prices will they have to list? Also, often the products sold here are often not exactly the same, and apples should not be compared to oranges - package sizes are different along with specific model lines. There are also import fees, shipping, taxes, and whatnot that need to be built into the cost.

Hopefully it will bring prices down, but I don't see how. If I now know that the tube of toothpaste is cheaper in Germany or New York, will I not buy my toothpaste in Israel? Anyways, if I wanted to live frustrated I could always just look up the price online myself at Amazon or Target.

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