Mar 14, 2018

Quote of the Day

It’s good that the Ashkenazim received the Sephardim and not the other way around, because otherwise they’d have set up another Arab country in the Middle East. If the Sephardim had come first, this would be another crappy kingdom. The country's Sephardim and Mizrahim should look in the mirror. How many universities were there in Morocco? What did we know about the developed world? How much technology was there in Morocco? When you move cultures, the first and second generation pay the price. You can’t get away from that. The price is justified, and I understand it. In exchange, we received independence and democracy.

  -- former mayor of Sderot Eli Moyal

it should be noted that Moyal himself is Sefardi. I don't know that that makes a difference, as he is now being called a racist by many.

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  1. What a joke this guy is. The reason they didn't have universities in Morocco is because the Jews there were real 'Jews' and were learning Torah (not the false ideaologies and indocctrinations of today). That is why there were so many great and illustrious Rabbis coming from that part of the world. Their head were in Torah and not l'havdil a trillion times, in the 'dens of iniquity' of today. This person is rude and should read up on some history and maybe open up a chumash and start learning.
    BTW, the universities in Germany and elsewhere were wonderful. Their cultures were so civilized that it was natural for them to try 'genocide' on G-D's chosen people. There's your culture for you.

  2. I 'like' anon's take on it but also want to add in the point that ex-Moroccans were very successful in France and Canada. So just wondering if the Ashkenazi discrimination and sending many to the periphery exaggerated this 'crappy' immigrant mentality.

  3. Expeect Moyal to be on a national party slate

    Coming soon..


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