Mar 7, 2018

Rabbi Grossman vouches for rapist Malka Leifer

Rabbi Grossman just vouched for Malka Leiffer to keep her out of jail while she waits for a decision on the extradition request to Australia.

Australia wants Leifer back to stand trial on 74 charges of child sexual abuse, including rape. Leifer ran from Australia to avoid the charges, and has succeeded in thwarting extradition requests until now by claiming mental illness, though recently she was rearrested with proof that she had been faking the mental illness.

To be brief, Rabbi Grossman went and offered to take her home with him to Migdal HaEmek and keep her in his home under custody, not allowing her to leave the house at all. As well, bond was posted at 100,000nis to ensure she does not run and disappear. Rabbi Grossman argued it would be a humiliation for her to sit in jail, and bad for her mental state, while she waits for a decision regarding the extradition request. The court accepted this suggestion and released her into Rabbi Grossman's custody.
sources: ABC Australia and BHOL

I don't know what Rabbi Grossman's game is here and why he is protecting this monster, but I have lost respect for him. It is a shame because he has done great work with the youth he deals with. I don't know why he has to taint himself sticking up for monsters like Berland (who he also vouched for and visited in custody) and Leifer. Rabbi Grossman is a compassionate man, but picking the side of rapists and molesters causes tremendous damage in general and increases the pain of their victims. She should be rotting in jail.

While Leifer is residing in his home, all I can say is that I hope she does not come into contact with any of the kids Rabbi Grossman has in his school and complex that he cares for.

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  1. sexual abuse is a week link for heimishe yidden of any stripe---- litvish, satmar, chabad, other chassidim.
    we don't talk about such private matters, and a heimishe yid couldnt do things we dont even talk about. so they get the benefit of the doubt , even if the acts would be performed in public with eidim.....


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