Mar 7, 2018

Yair Lapid, the bogeyman

Yair Lapid has been the devil for a long time to anybody associated with the Haredi parties. At least since his term in government a few years ago, if not before that.

But now, he is more than the devil. Yair Lapid is the bogeyman. The Jewish version of the antichrist. He is the symbol of all that is bad.

The Haredi parties, particularly UTJ, are fighting over the new draft law they have proposed that has not been well received by other members of the coalition. That's politics, no problem - they can fight, each party can push its agenda and its position and angle for more power or to do what they think is best. It used to be that when anybody would oppose the Haredi parties or promote an agenda in in opposition to what the Haredi parties want or think is good, the Haredi parties would call them anti-Haredi and talk bad about them. Seems childish to me, saying they are anti-Haredi just because they have a different agenda, but ok, that is part of the politics of it.

But now, the Haredi parties and their activists aren't just calling the opponents to the draft law "anti-Haredi" or other similar things. Now they are accusing Lieberman and Kahlon of bringing in the spirit of Lapid into the coalition. They accuse Lapid and Kahlon of playing to the tune of Lapid.

Yair Lapid is no longer anti-Haredi. Rather, Yair Lapid is the bogeyman. Anyone who is deemed to be anti-Haredi is really just playing up to Yair Lapid.

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