Mar 6, 2018

the horses have left the barn - academic education in the Haredi community

Campus Strauss, a Haredi college campus in Jerusalem working with Hadassah Academic College, celebrated its first male graduating class, with 45 Haredi men achieving college degrees in the fields of biotechnology, politics, communications, and management.

Campus Strauss has been around for a while and already has many graduating classes of frum women in various fields of study, but in the men's program this is the first.

The graduation ceremony was met with a group of protesters. The Haredi extremist protesters were screaming epithets such as "Nazi", "Sheigetz" and "Maskil", among other things, at the graduates and their families.
source: Kikar

Considering that they were not protesting any possible bittul torah involved, as perhaps they feel the graduates should be learning Torah instead, which would be ironic on its own that they stop learning in order to protest other people not learning, it makes me wonder what is going on. They were screaming "maskil" and things like that. They are upset about the academic education entering the Haredi community.

That being the case, why do they not protest the women graduating from Campus Strauss?

Anyways, the extremists will continue doing their thing, as they've done for a long time. To their misfortune, the train has left the station. The horses have left the barn. They are a day late and a dollar short.

The people have spoken. More and more want to be able to support their families respectably and not just live off welfare and sit in yeshivas they are not fit for (not including people who do have the ability and desire to sit and learn all day). These people can protest all they want, but it is too late.

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1 comment:

  1. The extremists are thinking strategically
    1) They don't protest women because they need the women to earn a living so they don't have to
    2) They protest in disgusting ways because they know the chiloni employers watching the news won't notice them and the quiet graduates and think "Why would I want to hire a Chareidi menuval?" guaranteeing the graduates will go through lots of difficulties in finding jobs.


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