Jul 25, 2018

Achdus means vote for me

Achdus, or calls for achdus, almost always means you should give up your own preferences and desires and follow me and do it the way I want. Almost always.

For example, Yossi Deutsch, of the Chassidic faction of UTJ in Jerusalem, has decided, upon consultation with the various Chassidic rabbonim, to run for the position of mayor of Jerusalem. As an aside, there are currently nearly as many candidates for that position as residents of the city, with more joining the race every day!

So Deutsch announced his candidacy. And he also put out a call that for achdus saying that Degel should support him as well. Obviously achdus in this case means for Deutsch to actually have any chance of winning he needs the support of Degel as well, but he calls it achdus.

Achdus would really have been if Aguda and Degel representatives sat together and discussed a list of issues important to each and discussed the potential candidates and together decided on a candidate acceptable to both of them that would work to promote their joint agendas and needs.

Whenever you hear a call for achdus, check to see what that person really wants from you.

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