Jul 11, 2018

Tweet of the Day

Feminist screening of the World Cup semifinals with the youth division in Tel Aviv and with the Feminist faction of the Labor Party and with my friend Zohar Bahloul, as the time has come that we should understand that football is not nothing and it is not nonsense, it is power, and we also want some.

idiocy. you want to go have a good time, go have a good time. I am not sure how watching football is power, and nobody ever stopped a woman from watching football. Arrange watch parties and go have a good time. There is really no need to turn a sporting event, one that you are only watching anyway and your country is not even involved in, into a political or social power event. Gei gezunt. Go have a good time, and if watching some Europeans kick a ball around makes you feel empowered, more power to you!

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  1. Rafi G.,
    Stereotypical Americans like yourself find it difficult to grasp that
    Most of the world presumes political /social power in a differently
    Who is right or wrong?

    1. so explain please, Chaya Cohen. how does watching a soccer/football match between 2 other countries give the spectator any power? sports is entertainment from my perspective.

    2. Incorrect.
      Americans call it a game .Most the rest of the world call it a match ,a subtle but significant difference

      Second, for americans sports is an escape from the political struggles of the world
      For the rest of the world sports is a continuation of "politics by other means"

      That is just 101

  2. Agree with Rafi. Never understood how these spectator games have any meaning other than those playing are enjoying themselves.

  3. What a benighted and foolish waste of time. They don't want power, they want "whatever men have." Instead of deciding with their own gray cells what is worth pursuing, they define as desirable whatever men have. If men have it, we want it, and it doesn't matter if it's inherently valuable.

  4. Smashed KernelJuly 13, 2018 1:39 PM

    Indeed ridiculous. Present this same party and 'social equality' club with the desire to make any Israeli sports league event, including football, on a Friday instead of Shabbat to accommodate dati'im. Sit back and watch the hypocrisy reign. Imagine the reaction even if it's for the best and fair intentions (not excluding 20% of the Israeli population from the sporting talent pool, or just plain avoiding social inequality) let alone the ridiculous claim of empowering dati'im.


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