Jul 26, 2018

Peek a Jew, with a Kiddush Hashem

At a recent Mets game, a frum guy caught a foul ball, and surprisingly handed it to a kid behind him. All this was caught on camera and the video and images of it have all gone viral as everyone is amazed that this fellow would give a prized ball away to a disappointed kid. 

The incident was actually much more noteworthy because it came just a short while after another viral clip showed a fan at a Cubs game get a ball (thrown into the stands by a base coach of the Cubs) from under the seats and not give it to the kid who had scrambled for it. People called that guy all sorts of names, and the video made him look really bad (after the fact it became known that earlier int he game he had caught a foul ball and had already given it to the kid nearby, so everyone's impression from the video clip was wrong and unfortunate, but what happened happened). This magnified the gesture by the frum guy in the clip above.

Acting like a mensch is wonderful, and when it gets broadcast on video to millions of people it can even be a kiddush hashem.

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