Jul 9, 2018

Feminist activist groups to awaken homosexual activist groups

According to Ynet, women's activists groups have pressured government agencies against continued advertising with the erasure of  women from pictures, even within the Haredi community.

For more details, see the Ynetnews article (in English) on the subject.

I will only comment on the picture attached to the article, within the context of the article:

It seems, after the success of the women's activist groups, the homosexual activist groups will now protest and petition those same government agencies against the banning of the advertising of alternative lifestyles within the Haredi community.
(just a joke)

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  1. One should NOT be making such "jokes"
    Arguably One who makes sarcasms for this fall within the rubric of Rabbenu Yonah Shaar Gimmel ‘s Leitzonim,amongst the worst of groupings

    Having fun fiddling, while Jerusalem burns..

    At this moment when we are in a war against LGBT+s, do not switch sides please

    Rav ahron soloveichik paskened that Orthodox Yeshivas should not march in the Israeli Day Parade as long as there was a group marching under the banner of a Gay “synagogue”

    1. sadly this stupidity of not using images of women in normal pictures has led to such images as the one posted above that make the normal haredi family look like one leading an alternative lifestyle

  2. Excellent comment, Chaya.

  3. I've seen ads with two grooms. Looking deeply into each others' eyes.

  4. very fitting
    Nachum must have a lot in common with a certain individual
    The Talmud discusses how the founder of the Christian religion also was into peoples eyes


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