Jul 10, 2018

making it hard to leave the ghetto

The Haredi media reported the other day of a weird situation in Modiin Ilit. It seems that the rabbonim in Modiin Ilit have instructed Kavim, the local public bus service, to not operate lines from Modiin Ilit to Tel Aviv or even to nearby Modiin.

According to Kavim, they do not operate such lines upon orders from the local rabbonim. The rabbonim do not want the town's womenfolk to spend their time in secular cities such as Modiin and Tel Aviv. They definitely do not want to be "responsible" for providing the opportunity for the women to go to such places and do who knows what or be exposed to who knows what.

It can be nice to live in a ghetto. The problem with this is that the women are complaining. Being that so many of them need to go to work to support their families, as the husbands are avreichim, they need to be able to travel to their workplaces in Modiin, Tel Aviv, and other places. The way it is know they waste a lot of time and money on multiple buses to get where they need to go, as they need to go from Modiin Ilit to Jerusalem, for example, and then transfer to a bus back to Modiin, or other such combinations of bus lines - Modiin Ilit to Bnei Braq and then bus lines from Bnei Braq to Tel Aviv.
source: Actualic

These women just don't know their place. Such a shame. If they are already being moser nefesh so their husbands can learn, they should not be complaining about a little extra transportation required of them. And maybe they should not even take jobs in secular cities and only accept jobs within Modiin Ilit or Bnei Braq (or other Haredi cities). Sad. So sad. 😖

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  1. No one goes from Modiin Illit to Jerusalem and then back to Modiin - absolutely ridiculous! All of the intercity buses stop at Tzomet Shilat - from there one can take a bus to Modiin, which is right across the street!

    1. I dont know what they do, and I dont know those bus routes. Just giving an example of a possible transfer. the article mentions multiple transfers. I assume even going to shilat requires wasting time waiting for the next bus and whatnot

  2. This is what happens when you belong to a cult. The leaders make decisions that benefit no one and harm everyone but themselves. The women should quit and let their husbands fend for themselves. And their families. You know, the way CHaZaL intended.


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