Jul 11, 2018

but at least I don't have a cellphone!

I find this story a little bit humorous, as an outsider, as sad as the situation might be.

A case has come before the courts about a yeshiva trying to throw a boy out of yeshiva but the boy being unwilling to leave. The yeshiva administration is trying to get a restraining order against this young man that would force him to keep a distance from the yeshiva.

So what did this fellow do that the yeshiva so desperately wants him gone?

According to the director of the yeshiva, associated with the Gur chassidus, this young man has basically wrought destruction upon the yeshiva. He has started fires, he has destroyed property, he has leveled threats of physical violence against people. According to the director, this young man has caused over 120,000nis worth of damage to the yeshiva plus damage to the yeshiva's reputation and good name.

According to the director this has been going on for a while. They have given him many chances, as per his requests and begging, they've tried to go to beis din, they've tried many things and now it is time to throw him out of yeshiva.

The young man's lawyer presented his client's case saying the young man is willing to leave, but only if the Admor of Gur says so - he wants the Admor to hear the case and make a decision as to what should happen. The director of the yeshiva has thus far refused to involve the Admor saying he has thousands of chassidim, is elderly, and cant get involved in such matters.

The young man's claim to stay is that he follows the rules, the takanon, of the chassidus, to the letter. he does not have a cellphone, he does not go to swimming pools, and does not work on the side. These rules, he claims, are of supreme importance to the Rebbe, and his adherence to them should protect him.

the court has thus far rejected the request for a restraining order and is hearing the arguments.
source: Kikar

Far be it from me to say whether this young man should be allowed to stay in yeshiva or to be forced out. That is them to work out. While normally it would, I think, require extreme situations, it is possible this has gotten to that point. I am not sure why in a chassidus with so many rules, they cannot have rules or instructions as to how to deal with such situations, and if they really do not, perhaps they should sit with the Admor and work out the situation and rules for similar situations in the future.

Anyways, throwing the young man out of yeshiva might be necessary from the perspective of the yeshiva, he really needs to get help and learn to deal with his violent tendencies or anger or whatever it is that is causing his behavior. I hope they don't just toss him to the curb but give him some direction, help him find the right place that will help him grow and deal with his problems.

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