Jul 11, 2018


I normally do not manually check my blog and look for comments. I get email notifications. Suddenly the notifications stopped coming and I actually wondered why suddenly I was not getting any comments to the blog, but I did not really spend time looking into it.

I have no discovered that Blogger has a glitch right now and many blog sites have been affected by it. The glitch has caused the comment notifications to not work. They are working on a solution, and int he meantime have posted workarounds and temporary solutions, which I have now implemented.

I apologize for not responding to any comments - it isnt that I was ignoring them, but had not known they existed. I will go back somewhat, time permitting, and look for comments I might respond to, but I will mostly concentrate on moving forward and trying to ensure this doesnt happen again

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  1. Now, that you found a solution, can you share it please?

  2. under settings, under email, remove your email address from "comments notification email". save it. then put your email address back in and save it. you will get an email to confirm the notifications. click the link in the email and your notifications should restart

  3. When are they going to change the format so you can see all the comments under the post (Fb style) without having to go to another page to see them?


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