Jul 9, 2018

Quote of the Day

I am not willing to accept any situation of acceptable polygamy in Israel - and that is the instructions given to the Ministerial committee dealing with the issue. This is damaging to the standing of women, along with shaking the demographic balance in Israel by importing women. This is not acceptable to me. Along with strengthening the weaker sectors of the Bedouin community, we also must guarantee strong enforcement of this issue.

  -- PM Benjamin Netanyahu

it is the first time I have heard demographics being used as an argument against polygamy. I thought the harm caused to women was enough in today's world...

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  1. Perhaps he ought to start with the MK's.

  2. Who were the ones who brought up such an outdated and destructive idea as polygamy to the knesset? Aren't divorces bad enough as they are a commonplace occurrence these days that they need to bring in more destruction to family life?

  3. What are you talking about? No one "brought it" to the Knesset. Polygamy is illegal in Israel, period, but is practiced by some Bedouin in violation of the law. The government is trying to crack down.


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