Jul 31, 2018

Supreme Court rules in favor of women against Agudat Yisrael

Big news. The Supreme Court just ruled in the case of the women suing to be allowed to run as candidates in Haredi political parties, specifically Agudat Israel. The court ruled that the party leadership has until September 2, 2018 to decide on its own to remove the clause in its charter that bans women from being members in the party and running for office. If they do not decide on their own to do so, the court will the rule on its own.

I am not quite sure what this ultimatum is - either you do it now because we tell you to or we'll make you do it later. I don't know what they gain by doing it now  "on their own...

Anyways, if this goes through all the way, and a month is a long time and anything can happen so who knows if it will turn out the way it looks as of now, this is a big change. The haredi parties will have to accept women as members and then theoretically the women will also be able to be candidates for office.

However, being that these parties do not have primaries, I am not sure how this helps, except in some sort of symbolic way. Maybe it is a first step. If the various Admorim or council of sages or rabbonim are the ones choosing the candidates and party list, they will continue to do so and will not select women, even without the clause banning women from being members.

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  1. I think the difference is similar to when you go to Beit Din and they ask you if you want din or pshara. Agudah has the opportunity to come up with a solution that is acceptable to them on their own that will be acceptable to the court. If they don't they will be stuck with whatever remedy the court imposes. Plus it will establish precedent that will give the Haredi parties less wiggle room in the future or solutions that they might be willing to agree to.

  2. Another political move aimed specifically against Chareidim. Nothing to see here folks, just keep moving along. Do they think Rabbonim will say that now "kol Kvuda Bas Melech Pnima" is just a silly thing of the past or that when the Mishna says "Al Tarbeh Sicha Im HaIsha" the Rabbonim will will say that it's obsolete nowadays because the Mishna was written by a bunch of misogynistic chauvinist men?

    1. didnt they basically say that when the gedolim said men should sit and learn in kollel and the wives should go out into the workforce to support the families? why is politics any different - women can be lawyers and doctors and computer programmers and teachers and secretaries and judges and therapists but they cant be politicians?

    2. Rafi, you should know better by now. Charedim have no real past. Whatever they do today is what was always done. In Charedi-land, the men always say and learned, and the women always worked. But they were never in government.


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