Aug 8, 2019

Haredi event in Afula appealed to courts for gender-segregation

The City of Afula has put together a program for a "Fun Day" for the local Haredi community. The Fun Day will take place in a municipal park and will include a concert (Motti Steinmetz and Chaim Yisrael!) and bounce houses and other activities.

Kikar and other sites are reporting that the womens lobby has filed with the Supreme Court to disallow this event, as it is planned to take place with full gender-segregation, and public spaces are for everybody together. In their words, they are trying to ensure that women can be present (if they wish to be) and equal in the entire public sphere. It is incomprehensible that a father cannot take his daughter to the bounce house, and that a mother will be separated from her son at the entrance to the park. They demand the Court enforce the law and ensure equality.

My only question is, wasn't this already decided recently at the event held by Chabad in Tel Aviv? Didn't they appeal to the courts then and the courts allowed the Chabad event to continue? What is different now? Is it just another attempt at the same thing, hoping for different results?

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