Aug 21, 2019

Time for Rabbi Lau to Dig Up Momma

Yesterday Rabbi Lau pressured a gett refuser to give his wife a gett by refusing to bury the guy's dead mother. Being in another country, the guy agreed to give the wife her gett after the burial, with some sort of financial bond placed as a gaurantee.

I, and many in the Jewish community, gave kudos to Rabbi Lau for his innovative solution in finding this woman a way out of her chains.

It turns out that our fears were in place and today the shmuck announced that he will not give his wife the gett and the entire announcement was a lie as he never agreed to it. So the kudos to Rav Lau are for trying. Unfortunately he trusted someone who could not be trusted.

Perhaps Rav Lau should order the chevra kadisha to dig up momma, as her burial turns out to have been performed as a mekach taus - an arrangement under mistaken terms.

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  1. Maybe Rav Lau will forbid the family from placing any type of headstone or name on the grave.

    1. I doubt that would faze him. He's been torturing his wife for over a decade. A missing headstone he would never see isn't going to bother him. (He'll never see it because Israel will not appreciate his presence in the country. Or it won't appreciate him trying to leave again.)

      If the mother has another other living relatives, though, they might be bothered to know their mother has been dug up and left in the desert somewhere to feed the vultures.

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  3. none of us know the true story, but relying on the media reports (and what the husband said in a public interview) he is remarried after obtaining a heter 100 rabanim. in that case he must have deposited a get with a bet din, as one can't obtain a HMR without first doing that.

    in that case presumably it is the wife who is refusing to accept the get (which is her right under the cherem rabainu gershom), but certainly changes the appropriateness of sanctions.

    still, i agree with your basic approach of "don't let the facts get in the way of a good story", especially if the story can be used to promote the feminist agenda, and make the rabanut look foolish at the same time.

  4. Anonymous:
    It is cowardly to impugn someone's motives while remaining anonymous. He deposited a get with a notorious bet din that holds the get until the wife caves in to all of the husband's demands, be it financial or custody. The facts of the case were known to R' Lau and presumably also to R' Kanievsky, but please go on with your cowardly slander.


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