Aug 20, 2019

nobody wants the Palestinians

Maariv has an interesting report from an anonymous senior diplomat saying that Israel has offered the Palestinians the ability to leave Gaza and emigrate to anywhere else int he world, even using a southern Israeli airport to do so. Israel would also help them arrange flights and shuttle them to where they need to go and would pay any relevant costs as well.

The only condition being that they have to find a country willing to take them in.

According to the report, 35000 Gazans have left for greener pastures in the past year without any involvement from Israel.

The senior diplomat added that attempts to find foreign countries willing to take them in, including other Middle Eastern countries, failed, as none of the countries approached were interested or willing to help on this matter.

What is interesting about this?
1. It seems the Netanyahu government is adopting in some form the proposal of Moshe Feiglin and Zehut, after scoffing at Feiglin for proposing such an unrealistic plan. Feiglin wanted to offer payment to families willing to emigrate as encouragement.

2. No country wants to take them in, Not much of a surprise there. Individuals might find willing countries, but a country willing to take in a large amount? What country wants that on their head? They all have enough problems of their own without importing more.

3. If Israel is serious, they should offer more than just arranging the flight and offer some sort of incentive for the potential foreign government to make it worth their while to say yes, or to at least consider it seriously.

4. Regardless, it is hard to imagine any significant number would be willing to leave their homes for anything more than temporary refuge.

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  1. while I'd love for all Arabs to move out of all Malachi Eretz Yisrael, I see echoes of the German response to the prWW II Evian conference that was supposed to address what to do with Jewish refugees who were being persecuted in Nazi Germany. When just about none of the countries agreed to take any Jews in, Germany used that result to show how Jews were not wanted anywhere - and that it would therefore not trouble the world if they were to be killed.

    I'm not suggesting any similar desire exists in Israel - but Israel - and Israelis - should be sensitive to the historical echo.

  2. Israel should show some pity on the Palestinians and stop this fear mongering. The other Middle Eastern countries should step forward to help the Palestinians let them live in their country. Best wishes for the Palestinians and the Syrians.

  3. This is the Kahane plan too.


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