Aug 25, 2019

Shas jumps on the black bandwagon

MK Ran Ban Barak (Kachol Lavan) said something today that is being attacked as racist. I love how these Kachol Lavan guys, and others more to the Left, play right into the hands of Bibi so close to the elections, as if they are trying to hand him a victory on a silver platter.

Ben Barak said, "Likud is against equality. It makes a clear distinction between Jews and Arab citizens of Israel. It harms the High Court, it in fact espouses tyranny of the majority. It says: ‘If I have 61 Knesset members, I can do whatever I want and the courts don’t interest me,'” he said, echoing criticism — frequently expressed by rival politicians — of Likud rhetoric against Arab parties, attempts to push reforms in the judiciary, and efforts to legislate a clause enabling the parliament to overrule decisions by the High Court of Justice. So that’s the difference between us and Likud. Do you want to call it right and left? Call it right and left. Do you want to call it black and white? Call it black and white. They are black and we are white.

Not really racist but it could be portrayed to be so, and it has been. Nonstop. All day today.

What is even more interesting though is that while Ran Ben Barak was attacking the Likud and saying this possibly racist statement against the Likud, Shas has jumped on the bandwagon and is running a campaign about being a proud black, the way the Likud has always done in the past when leftists called Likud voters derogatory names, such as mezuza kissrs or tchachtchachim.

Deri and others from Shas have been talking about it all day, it is now the banner of their Facebook page, they are posting the image all over.

So, is Shas saying they are Likud voters? Is Shas "taking a tremp", jumping on the bandwagon, in a fight not theirs to rile up emotions and grab some votes? Ot maybe it is legitimate because even though Ben Barak said Likud and Likud voters, he really also meant Shas?

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