Aug 25, 2019

Quote of the Day

I hope the Likud won't attack us - we are natural partners of the Likud - but only the small parties that won't pass the minimum threshold. The religious community needs to understand that every vote for a party that does not pass the minimum threshold is like a vote for the Left..

  -- Ayeley Shaked, head of Yemina

this is the pot calling the kettle black...

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  1. Apparently, Shaked doesn't understand statistics.

  2. What she says is true. Remember 1992 when Rabin came to power. More voted right than left, with 3 right wing parties hovering just below the threshold. Can't happen again.

  3. Your comment about the pot calling the kettle black is simply not true.
    When New Right did not get in, they missed by a mere 1400 votes - they took a reasonable gamble and lost. Nobody expected them to go below 4 Mks.
    In contrast, Ozma has been burning right wing votes for decades and NEVER came that close to getting in (without technical block) -- in this chance they don't stand a chance in hell. If Ozma + two established parties only got in by 20,000 votes in April 2019 ozma REALLY doesn't stand a chance in hell but they WILL burn 2-2.5 MK seats.
    As for Feiglin, the situation is even worse. Last time he only got 2.5 % with HUGE cash burn and after polling 5-8 MKs for weeks. In contrast to ozma who are DAFKA, many the Feiglin voters (with the exception of the smallish cult following) are TACHLIS and would NEVER vote for someone who can't get in. Add to this the fact that they can't cash-burn like this did in early 2019,l and the internal strife. So I would be shocked if he burns more than 1.5 MKs.
    Burning 1.5 for feiglin + 2.5 for ozma is wasting 4 Mks.

    1. Burning 1.5 for feiglin + 2.5 for ozma is wasting 4 Mks.

      Unless you know which parties are going to pick up the seats (there are always 120 MKs), and those parties are parties you don't like, you can't say they are wasted.

    2. Yeah, but you know full well when they *won't* be wasted. If no one votes for them.


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