Aug 19, 2019

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this is Adam Richman, a former host of the travel show Man vs Food. He was great on the show, eating every restaurant challenge in the USA, such as humongous hamburgers, large plates of super hot wings, and all sorts of treif foods that were either extremely oversized or over-spiced or whatever. Richman and his mom are in Israel now and he posted this to Instagram...

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At first, I was not sure how I felt about my guide capturing this moment on camera. It was, after all, a private moment. It was also a moment I have been waiting for since 1987. My grandfather had wanted to take my family to Jerusalem to have my Bar Mitzvah at The Western Wall. A terror attack months before scrapped the whole idea. I was unprepared for the scope of emotion.. I kid you not-the moment I laid my palm upon the bricks, I began to weep. Being there, at the western retaining wall of the Temple mount, so close to the observance of the Tisha B’Av holiday, where we commemorate the destruction of the temples, you could feel, even among the other worshipers, that this was a very special time. When I first began to pray, there were people of every shape and color on either side of me I put on my t’fillin - the prayer boxes on my head & arm, as Id done for years in Hebrew school - yet this time it felt different. This time it felt vital, important, ancient, HOLY. I felt connected to the traditions of the past, and to the spirit of the Holy Land-not just for Jews, but for Christians and Muslims as well. I took one of the prayer books they had there, and prayed passionately and fervently. I did, as many worshipers do, press my face against the bricks, feeling the warmth of the stone in the afternoon Jerusalem sun, and began to whisper my own prayer directly into the wall. Praying not just for myself, but for my family - and all of you guys as well. Giving thanks for the health & success I have, and for all those who support & believe in me. I then put the note that I had written with my prayer upon it, into one of the many cracks in the wall like thousands of people before me. I can only say I walked away from that wall feeling very different then the man who had walked up to it barely an hour before. So ultimately, I am grateful that this moment was captured. And I am ever thankful for all of you for joining me on my journeys, supporting them, and finding inspiration within them to embark upon journeys of your own. May all your dreams come true, and may your life be full of everything you wish for yourself. ‎!עם ישראל חי
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