Aug 19, 2019

Sara Netanyahu disposes of bread and creates crisis

There is a tradition in the Ukraine to greet world leaders, any important guest really, with a loaf of bread and salt, Korovai, on a rushnyk - some sort of embroidered ritual cloth. The guest, the honored world leader, is supposed to take a piece of the bread and eat it.

With Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on a two day visit to the Ukraine to try to poach voters away from Avigdor Lieberman, he and Sara were greeted with the traditional Korovai bread as they deplaned. PM Bibi is a pretty good sport and he took a piece of the bread and ate it. Sara, on the other hand, is a bit more picky. Bibi handed her a small piece of the bread, to which she upturned her nose and dropped it tot he ground and cleaner her fingers of it.

Let's go to the tape:

This is a causing a little bit of an international stir, with Ukranians upset at the snub and disrespect, and some Israelis upset at Sara's continued spoiled brat behavior (I will not even discuss the reports from the airplane trip to the Ukraine...)

In an attempt to judge Sara favorably, I will suggest that she did not want to eat the bread because it is not kosher. She knows every time an Israeli official eats non-kosher food at an official ceremony it becomes a crisis back home in Israel with the religious and Haredi parties threatening the Netanyahu government, so she chose to abstain rather than eat non-nosher food and cause a problem. Little did she know, she was not supposed to throw the bread on the floor and treat the bread with such disrespect. Rather, she was supposed to put it in a bag and put it on a wall not far from a garbage can so it would rot on its own without being put in the garbage or treated disrespectfully in some other manner (eg being thrown on the ground). So, she averted one crisis but caused another.

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  1. Nu, maybe she is makpid on pas yisrael? ;)


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