Aug 29, 2019

Let My People Go (not the women though)!

I love this.

Menachem Toker announced that the nxt step in the fight against the secular attempts to tell the haredim how to live and not let them have publicly-funded concerts that leave women out of the audience will be a new concert.

This new concert, this coming Motzei Shabbos, will be in a rented hall in Binyanei Hauma in Jerusalem, with Mordechai Ben Advid  and other performers. The concert will be for men only. The proceeds will go to funding court expenses for the battle over this issue.

(note: it seems to meet the rules laid out recently by being a fully private event, so I think it should go off without a hitch, but you never know)

I love this fight.

You tried to tell us what to do. You tried to tell us we can't discriminate against our women. Oh yeah? We'll show you! We'll discriminate against our women even more! We'll make an even bigger concert, an even better concert, and we won't let our women go! Yeah, we'll really show those secular people that they can't control us...

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