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Jun 4, 2006

A Rabbi and a parrot walked into a bar..

and the Rabbi said, "ouch".

Just joking. What does a Rabbi have to do with a parrot? Well, it seems that somebody got himself a parrot. When he found out the parrot uses foul (or would that be "fowl"?) language and curses a lot, he did not know what to do with it? He asked a Rabbi who told him to kill the bird as it sins and causes others to sin. He decided to kill the bird.

So how is this newsworthy? After all, I kill birds all the time (though not because they swear at me, though they might be cursing if they would know what I was about to do to them!!)!!

It seems an animal rights activist found out about it and offered to adopt it. The guy refused thinking he had been ordered by the Rabbi to kill it and if he does not kill it he will be excommunicated.. The activist went to court and filed for a restraining order. The court issued the injunction and ow the Rabbi has caused a person to have a restraining order against a parrot.



  1. I do not think the article specified. why? are you familiar with a specific purple parrot that needs to be killed for cursing too much?

  2. Oi! Wotchit!

    I keep my blog relatively expletive-free, thank you very much. My grandparents sometimes read it!

    I just wrote about this too- couldn't not, really. :-)

  3. no you definitely cannot not blog about that..


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