Jun 4, 2006

Matisyahu coming to town!

As has been widely reported previously, Matisyahu will be coming to town this week for one performance. He will be opening the show for Sting.

I did not even know Sting was still performing, let alone going on world tours and road shows!

Anyway, I decided not to go to this performance. Even ithough I went to Matisyahu's performance in Jerusalem last year and thought it was great, this is different. He is opening for Sting, so it is a full-blown concert. It is probably not an appropriate venue for a nice frum boy and his veiber. Then again, last years performance probably was not either....

Whomever is going - enjoy! I have a friend who is going (he missed last years and really wanted to go so he is going this time). If he tells me how it went early enough with interesting stories, maybe I will post some info..


  1. Fun! Apparently Matisyahu is also coming to Australia which is quite cool. I mean, it was just bizarre to be watching the local music video show and then this Chossid comes on screen. I wonder how the Australian public will react to "Moshiach Now!" I guess if it made the charts...

    (Not my favourite genre of music - reggae or chassidic - but going to one of his performances in New York was an experience!)

  2. reggae is not my style either (though I have always been ok with it), and his style can in no way be called chassidic music.. but he is a fun show to watch and I am always amazed by him when I see a clip or an article. I find him intriguing..

  3. Sting is like the ultimate in tum'a, I heard he and his wife participate in less than tnius-like happenenings within thier marriage... why does Matisyahu allow himself to travel with such unholy people if he spreads such beautiful words of spirituality?

    What a shame!

  4. good question. I guess in the music world it is considered prestige to play with a guy like Sting. And let's not forget, Matisyahu is not looking for a religious audience. He caters to the people who go to such concerts like Sting, et al.

  5. the baal shem tov says that sometimes you got to jump into the mud in order to pull a freind out.

    or maybe, possibly, after spending his entire life trying to become a rockstar, he finally has the oppurtunity to tour with some of the most talented musicians of all time...

    probably a little bit of both are true

  6. yaak - nice. Thanks for the link. I saw Lenny on Friday. I had nto realized he ahd been at the concert, or I would have asked him about it.
    I did ask a different friend who was there and he described to me the same ending..


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