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Jun 12, 2006

Even funerals can now be attended online!

Ynet is reporting that the Chevra Kadisha of Tel Aviv is offering a new service. A person being buried can have his funeral broadcast via the Internet. That will allow people who are unable to attend to still watch and sort of participate in the funeral.

Now nobody has to see you cry at the funeral. You can sit at home and cry in the privacy of your computer room!


  1. If you die online, can there be a live funeral?......


  2. only if you have your autopsy online as well...

  3. go to rotten.com - you can. (not for kids or most adults)

  4. It's a nice idea but in a way it seems it may take away from the kedusha. Does that make sense?

  5. maybe. but it does provide a solution for relatives/friends who for some reason or other can not be at the cemetary...

  6. Yes that's why I said it is good on the one hand. The benefits have to be weighed against the negative points. It is definitely great for relatives and friends that cannot be there.

  7. Can one view the online tahara at the chevra kaddisha online too? If so, they might get more donations for their site...

  8. I would pay to see that!! lol

  9. what does socialworker/frustrated mom mean when she says it'll take away from the kedusha?

    a corpse is tamei, no kedusha.

    in fact it's the antithesis of kedusha.

    it's a little creepy if you ask me, watch a funeral, weird.

    and thats coming from me!!!

  10. meier - depending on the funeral, I could probably watch it (or part of it) online...


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