Jun 12, 2006

Posting from Word!!

I apologize to all my readers. I tried to post a number of times yesterday, but every time I did, Blogger crashed and I lost the post.

I am trying something new right now. I am posting from Word 2007 Beta edition. Microsoft put a new feature into Word and that is you can publish to a blog directly from Word. It could be a great feature, if it works well. Blogger has been very unreliable the past week and I have lost a number of posts. At least with Word, even if Blogger does not take the post and crashes, I can continue to save the post in Word and re-publish it at a later time when Blogger is ok.

Here goes. My first attempt at posting from Word!!


  1. it seems to have worked quite well! :)

  2. yes, and I think I like posting like that. It also will let me change fonts and stuff easily. Much more easily than in blogger...
    will play with it more...
    now I have to get the energy to post after losing a few posts. It gets kind of frustrating...

  3. you need word 2007 (beta). It is built in to word

  4. do a search on google for office 2007 beta. it is free. but beware - it is very different!

  5. a completely different itnerface. takes getting used to. I just started using it, so I am still not familiar with it. I am a simple user (basic needs) and have a hard time finding things in the menus.. but it works great so far!

  6. Then it aint for me b/c I am not tech saavy at all. I like simple and to the point.


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