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Jun 14, 2006

striking a balance

I went to the dentist this evening. I have a tooth I have had some trouble with and was told I need to get some more treatment. When I went, the dentist ended up saying he did not think I needed the treatment at this point and we would wait for a later time to do it, if it should become necessary.
During the discussion, he checked m teeth on the other side. He said he wants to check because when people have a tooth problem, often they will compensate for their pain (even if it is only subconscious) and use ther other side of the mouth more. They will eat their food on one side of the mouth and wear down those teeth if they over-compensate.

I asked if people can really hurt their teeth by over-compensating like that. He told me something very true, and something that applies not just to the teeth. He said, "Everything needs a balance". If you overuse your teeth, they will deteriorate. They are meant to be used equally and if you use them in an ineaqual fashion, you can damage them.

That is true of every aspect of life. Things need balance. Good food needs to be eaten, but in moderation. If one only eats brussel sprouts, he will get sick, as he needs protein as well. Entertainment is good, but in moderation. Work is good but in moderation. Etc.

We need to balance our lives and our actions, not just our teeth.


  1. Wow! Great mussar!! The trick is trying to find the balance. I'll do great for a while and then slip. Thanks for giving me something to think about.

  2. you sound like a ying-yang hippy

    whoa man, i get the message, you're totally asing me to hook you up. out time bro, sobriety needs to be balanced out by some good ol' GANJA

    sweet man, i'll put some in dad's suitcase. it's in the left pocket bro.

    just remember puff puff PASS. it's bad luck to smoke alone.

  3. Neil - everybody slips.. just got to get back up. A trzaddik falls 7 times. The reason he is a tzaddik is because he gets back up..

  4. Good lesson from teeth. I love getting lessons from the unexpected.

  5. yes. always nice to find unexpected lessons in mundane situations..


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