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Jun 22, 2006

Will the dog take the stand?

Itamar Ben-Gvir is considered a well known right wing activist. He has been in prison numerous times for various illegal activities, generally associated with incitement against the government. Some say he is really a shabak plant meant to infiltrate extreme right wing organizations and get close to extremists and pass that info on to the Shabak.

Ben-Gvir filed a lawsuit against two policemen for allegedly threatening his dog at gunpoint with a loaded weapon after the dog barked at them..

Check out the story here, but briefly, Ben-Gvir won the lawsuit. He plans to treat his dog to some nice doggy treats. He is also planning to appeal the decision. He feels the 1000 NIS he was awarded is not enough and feels he can win more upon appeal..


  1. Politics again, okay so I will day hi(waving).

  2. hi. but this is more like humor, rather than politics.

  3. To be honest I didn't read much when I saw it looked like politics. This kind of humor I don't usually get. I will read it though.

  4. Okay it's a little funny. Cute funny not chuckle funny. I got the humor. Not bad.


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